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Don’t Miss Out on Your Vision Insurance Benefits

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As the year ends, taking advantage of your vision insurance benefits is important. Understanding the difference between vision and medical insurance is crucial in maximizing coverage. We have put together a brief overview of your vision benefits package, or you can explore vision discount plans to ensure you're utilizing your coverage to the fullest before the year ends.

Understanding Vision Plans and Coverage

Vision insurance plans typically cover routine eye care, including eye exams, glasses, and contacts. Unlike medical insurance, these plans cater specifically to your vision needs, ensuring you have access to the eye care services you require.

Each medical practice offers different insurance options. To discover the vision benefits included in your insurance package or learn about discounted vision plans that can help you maximize your coverage, call 540-274-0300 today. Why not take full advantage of your insurance benefits before they expire on December 31, 2023?

Whether you need an eye exam, new sunglasses, or glasses and contact lenses for your loved ones, Kartesz Eye Care offers optics and other eye care services for the whole family.

Vision Benefits Packages vs. Vision Discount Plans

Planning and making the most of your vision insurance can ensure you benefit fully from your coverage. As the saying goes, use it or lose it. Schedule an appointment with Kartesz Eye Care to discuss your benefits and how best to apply your vision insurance to your eye care expenses before the year ends.